Book Review: Oxide 2x

This is the character design book by Hyung-Tae Kim.

It contains characters from Magnacarta, Magnacarta the phantom of avalanche, The War of Genesis III Part.2, The War of Genesis III. At the back of the book are a few pages of line sketches.

The character designs are marvelous.

Included as a bonus is a how-to-paint process, although there are no captions.

Oxide 2x - 01

Oxide 2x - 02

Oxide 2x - 03

Oxide 2x - 04

Oxide 2x - 05

Oxide 2x - 06

Oxide 2x - 07

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Hyung Tae Kim is the korean

Hyung Tae Kim is the korean Rob Liefield, he may be a good renderer, or fashion designer, but all his drawings are anatomically wrong, if you are a professional artist, i suggest google his drawings online instead, there are websites that show his stuff, not worth the money.

@Anonymous You can't say

You can't say anatomically wrong for art. What would you say about Michelangelo, Raphael, Mathais Grunewald, Bronzino. I can go on with famous artist that do not have "Anatomically Correct paintings or sculpture." It is just the way the artist portrays it. I will be honest with you. They are correct, perspective wise. If he drew it differently it might look awkward. I rest my case.

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