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It's not very often you see a great concept artist come up with a tutorial book. Here, we have a great book by Doug Chiang. He's the concept artist for big movie hits like Star Wars, War of the Worlds and Terminator just to name a few.

In this book are 30 lessons and step-by-step tutorials for creating science fiction art, mainly robots. There are details and tips for using Photoshop.

Through these pages, one can see Doug Chiang's process of creating sci-fi concept art. It's always interesting to find out how other artist work, especially one of such high caliber.

Mechanika - 01

Mechanika - 02

Mechanika - 03

Mechanika - 04

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Mechanika - 09

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I have a question and don't

I have a question and don't really know who to ask. I saw your review of a book called Mechanika, first on Amazon and then on your blog. First of all, thanks for the reviews. They're very helpful.

To my question...I'm very interested in getting a book like Mechanika or one similar. Especially because of the tips, techniques, and instructions it gives. However, I have noticed that it seems to focus a lot on using Photoshop. The problem is that I wouldn't be using that. At least, not for now. I can't. So, I'm really wanting something that will help me with using paper instead of a computer. So, my question or questions are is Mechanika still a good book for someone who doesn't even have Photoshop? If not, do you know of another book that would be better suited for me?

I'd really appreciate any info or advice. I hope my question makes sense. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

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