Book Review: Fantasy! Cartooning

Fantasy Cartooning

This book is incredibly fun if you're into fantasy cartooning.

Ben Caldwell has filled the pages with sketches and tips to drawing all sorts of fantasy characters, ranging from heroes, villains, fairies to beasts. The tips given are not just on drawing, but also on developing characteristics and personality into them. That's character design. He talks about everything, from the hair, eye shadows, wrinkles, costumes, postures, smiles and basically anything that you can see.

There's a companion website to the book called Action Cartooning. You can find more art, comics and a community forum.

Special thanks to Kelvin Chan for providing the book for this short review.

Fantasy! Cartooning - 01

Fantasy! Cartooning - 02

Fantasy! Cartooning - 03

Fantasy! Cartooning - 04

Fantasy! Cartooning - 05

Fantasy! Cartooning - 06

Fantasy! Cartooning - 07

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I regularly check your website out and find most of the stuff well written and informative.

I bought this book via one of the country specific links (the german one) and hope you get comission for those as well?
If not let me know, I am not quite sure wether ordering from amazon in the US is just as easy, though.


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