Review: Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Charger

Review sample provided by Ugreen

Ugreen has just released the world's first 300W GaN charger in the Nexode series. This is even more powerful than the Nexode 200W GaN charger I reviewed a few months ago.

In the box you'll get the charger, user guide, a 1.5m 240W USB-C to USB-C charging cable, 2m power cable and the charger.

The selling point with this charger are:

  • You can charge two laptops at the same time
  • The 140W USB-C port will deliver 140W regardless of the number of devices connected
  • It does not generate much heat, probably because I wasn't able to really push the charger with low power devices that I have

Price of this charger at the time of review is USD 200 on Amazon, and SGD 220 on Shopee SG and Lazada SG.

Design of this charger looks good. Build quality is solid and it's kinda heavy but that doesn't matter since it's a desktop charger that will rest on the table. I prefer the standing design over the laying-down-flat design of the 200W charger.

It sure is a big charger but this will replace multiple small chargers.

The convenience of a desktop charger is you can have access to all your ports from your desk. The charger supports PD 3.1 and is compatible with many devices.

Ugreen advertises their Thermal Guard system to reduce heating. I've tried charging five devices, included two laptops, at the same time and the charger gets warm but not hot which is impressive, or maybe it's because my laptops are not gaming laptops (Macbook Pro 2023 and Huawei Matebook D 16)

The power output is very impressive even with multiple devices connected. When you use the top three USB-C ports, you can still get 140W, 100W and 60W.

When connected to my M2 Pro Macbook Pro 2023, I could get around 80W, and the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra could get 30W (similar to when I use the 45W Samsung fast charger).

These are the power specifications.

At USD 200, this is pricy charger. It does look good and it works well. I don't think a 300W charger is necessary if you're not charging two laptops or a high powered gaming laptop. But if you do need 300W, this product exists.

The only thing I can't comment on is how durable this charger will be since I have not used it for months yet. There's one year warranty included. With the 200W Ugreen charger that I bought previously, one port malfunction several months later and Ugreen refunded me the money so thank goodness there's warranty.


You can find this charger on, Shopee SG and Lazada SG.


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