Review: Samsung Tab S9 Ultra magnetic stand from Lululook

Review sample provided by Lululook

Lululook has release the new magnetic stand for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. I've also reviewed the magnetic stand for the Tab S8 Ultra so in this review there will also be a comparison to the new model.

Price of this new stand is USD 79.99 at the time of review and that may include free shipping depending on where you area.

The stand is made with full metal except for the huge rubber padding beneath the base and the silicone padding on the magnetic plate. The build quality is solid.

This new design features a folding mechanism which can fold the stand down to something more compact for bringing around. The two hinges are quite stiff which is good.

You can move the stand around by grabbing the stem. The edges are beveled and won't cut into hands.

It's a good looking stand with a minimalist design. The camera cutout is now bigger to accommodate for the bigger cameras on the Tab S9 Ultra.

This stand cannot be used with a case that you may have installed on your tablet. If you're using those magnetic keyboard cases from Samsung, that's great because you can remove the case easily to mount the tablet onto the stand.

I noticed the cameras are not aligned perfect to the cutout and are slightly higher. It's a minor issue which you can't see since it's behind the stand.

The new stand is lower compared to the previous stand. So to change the orientation to vertical, you have to tilt the tablet first before rotating because otherwise the edge of the tablet will hit the table or the base of the stand.

I actually use my tablets in portrait orientation often so it's good the magnetic plate can rotate.

Note that this is a magnetic plate so the magnets will affect the S Pen performance when writing or drawing on the stand.

Here's a side profile of the two stands. They are quite thin but as mentioned build quality is excellent.

The Tab S8 Ultra stand can actually be used with the Tab S9 Ultra tablet. But the magnetic plate alignment will be off by 1mm due to the new camera positions. The bigger cameras can still fit in the smaller cutouts but I will be careful not to scratch the side of the cameras.

I actually prefer the Tab S8 Ultra stand because you can turn tablet to portrait orientation without tilting the tablet first. If you have the Tab S8 Ultra stand and Tab S9 Ultra tablet, I don't think there's a compelling reason to change your stand if the old one still works.

The magnets from the magnetic plate will affect S Pen performance. The magnets are located on the sides. I guess it's still possible to draw on the stand as long as you avoid the sides which should be easy to do so since the Tab S9 Ultra has such a huge display.

Manufacturing issue
The first review sample I received had loose rotation. If you have the same problem, you should contact Lululook for a replacement. The rotation and hinge should not move unless you move them.

To conclude, the new stand looks good, well built and is useful.

If you're interested to buy this stand, you can get it from Lululook online store or Amazon USA.


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