Book Review: Chess in Art by Peter Herel Raabenstein

Chess in Art is a large 320-page hardcover artbook that features paintings of people engaging in a game of chess. The paintings were created by more than 700 artists from the 11th to 19th century.

There's not much text in this book other than the 6-page prologue that covers the brief history of chess. The rest of the book is filled with art.

What I like about the book is how chess appears in different cultures, and how this game is played hundreds of years ago, and even now. The paintings or artworks from the really early pieces seem rather symbolic in style, later paintings have more realism as painting techniques get more refined with time. It's pretty cool looking at all the different clothes people were wearing back then.

The author Peter Herel Raabenstein is a conceptual artist born in Czech Republic. This book came about because he was inspired by the Raabenstein was inspired by the symbolism of chess and evolution of art.

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